FAQ – Shoes

Feelmax footwear features the thinnest outsole of any footwear product available in the world. Depending on the model, the thickness ranges from 1.0-2.5 mm. Feelmax makes the only genuine and authentic barefoot footwear products. All others are just slightly “thinned” versions of normal sneakers or trainers. The 1mm outsole is specially produced for us by the well known and respected German tire manufacturer, Continental®.

Many other footwear companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are now promoting this concept. They call their shoes “barefoot.” However, in reality they are just marketing a slightly thinner soled version of their normal footwear. The barefoot shoes with soles more than 10 mm thick that other companies are now promoting are simply NOT barefoot shoes!

Due to the ultrathin outsole, our shoes are extremely light. As far as we know, they are the lightest shoes on the market. Certain models weigh only 90 grams which is more than 3 times lighter than “traditional” sneakers.

Feelmax shoes are designed for maximum flexibility. This makes our footwear extremely comfortable. They function as shoes but are as comfortable as socks.

The shoes feature an insole, which can be removed. The insole is useful but many of our wearers eventually choose to remove it to maximize the barefoot advantage.

We use a special, natural vulcanized rubber compound in our Continental® outsoles. It’s been specially formulated for high abrasion resistance and grip. The outsole – when used with normal gait and use – should last at least 1000 kilometers of use. We are aware of cases where our clients have run more than 4000 kilometers with a single pair of Feelmax shoes before wearing out the shoe. Our unique and extremely thin sole certainly is not the same as a 15 mm chunk of rubber but our advantages far outweigh the extra durability that a thick traditional sole provides.
Yes. However, please bear in mind there is no thermal insulation. To avoid cold feet one must be in continuous movement. When the blood is circulating in your feet, they stay warm. There are special thermal insoles which can be added for additional insulation on snow or ice. Adapting to colder conditions is not difficult and often a good thermal stocking will make a big difference.
Feelmax is designed with an extrawide toebox area. Wide shoes are often not aesthetically pleasing for everyone, but your feet will love them. Narrow shoes are the principal cause of many foot malformations, such as bunions for example.
Not really. It is a good rule to leave one half inch (1 cm.) extra space in front of your toes. Our design is very flexible,and will adapt well to different foot shapes. Please refer to our sizing chart.

If your feet have significant size difference then choose the size that fits your larger foot. The Feelmax shoe is very flexible. The shoe can easily adjust to a smaller foot simply by tying it tighter. However, in the rare case that there is a significant difference in the size of each foot, the only choice would be to buy two different sized pairs.
Yes we do. The Feelmax barefoot concept is the best for growing feet. Many of our foot related problems begin in childhood from wearing the wrong kind of shoes. It is very, very important to ensure the children have right kind of footwear. A shoe which simulates barefoot walking is the only real choice if one is concerned about the correct development of the kid’s feet. See barefoot shoes for kids.
The most important thing is to give your body enough time to adapt. New muscles and tendons that have not received any kind of stimulation for a long time will need to adjust to the new more physiologic and natural way of walking or running. You must listen to your body: if you feel any pain while running or walking fast, stop immediately. The bones, ligaments and tendons normally need time to adapt.

If you are diabetic, the foot sensation might be lost so you need to be very careful.

Start by walking for 5-10 minutes for the first two weeks. Gradually increase the time, but listening your body. Try running a short distance and gradually increasing it. If you want to run, Feelmax shoes are perfect for a number of activities, both indoors and outdoors.

There are hundreds of independent studies, concluding that barefoot is the most natural way of moving for human beings. Of course there are some rare cases, with foot related disorders, where a specific shoe is required. Some of the studies can be found here.
Yes, and you should. A low arch is normally a result of weak foot muscles. Barefoot walking makes them stronger. Just progress slowly.

 It hurts my feet, what should I do? 

Stop immediately, and find out the reason. Pain means something might be wrong. However, it could be just part of the adjustment process. If it is a concern or if it does not improve, consult a health professional.
We cannot answer specific individual questions, but generally speaking going barefoot makes your feet stronger. By wearing our footwear you might even get rid of the insoles, as your feet begin to work according to nature’s design. Remember to progress slowly, when changing from one style to another. Your body needs time to adapt and adjust.