I am a MD and a physiatrist, age 62, weight 78 kg, height 185 cm and have practiced long distance running for some 10 years and I’ve run in the average one marathon and a few half marathons a year.

I discovered Feelmax shoes first this fall, 2010 and have so far run some 500 km using Panka’s. Having no previous experience with barefoot-running my calves become sore for the first week, but after that there has been no problems due to the shoes. I have observed a change in gait, instead of landing on the heel I now land on the whole foot, which I think is the original running gait of man.

There has also been a remarkable activation of the small muscles of the feet. That has also been apparent though the fact that my feet have not been freezing when running in snow up to -19 centigrades. In colder weather I’ve used an extra pair of wool socks. In wet conditions a pair of watertight socks have proven to be very convenient. The soles of the shoes have not been slippery and contact on the running surface is enormously closer than with normal running shoes. It is an inspiring experience for the soles to feel the changing characteristics of the road. The ability to balance oneself seems also to increase. Now after experiencing the clear benefits of Feelmax shoes in running I hesitate to use any other shoes for running. So far I have competed in a 10 km road-run and look forward (first) to the next half marathon and then to the marathon.

My wife – age 62, weight 67 kg, height 168 cm – with whom I always run together also got used to Panka’s after two weeks of accommodation and is very satisfied with them.

Knowing the importance of proper shoes for the growing feet we have purchased children’s Feelmax shoes for six of our 12 grandchildren as Christmas presents.

In my practice I treat quite a few athletes with pain problems in lower extremities and have recommended Feelmax shoes for a most of them and quite a few seem to be familiar with them already.

In most cases the ideology behind the use of insoles is totally contrary to the strengthening of feet’s musculature and the same applies to the vast machinery in marketing of the running shoes. First of all they seem to be concerned in mending the very problems they create. The human foot already possesses the needed damping for running, which only needs to be activated. I am convinced that the existing models of Feelmax shoes present a “missing link” in the development of shoes for the benefit on mankind and that there is thus an enormous economical potential connected.

Jussi Timgren, Physiatrist, Doctor of Medicine
Increased body awareness is essential for increased ability. Feelmax shoes are comfortable and practical. They allow me to better understand my feet and the interaction with the ground in everyday movement. I recommend Feelmax.
Shihan Chris Thompson, World Chief Instructor, KSI 8 Dan
I have had the pleasure of testing and using Feelmax footwear since the very early days of product development. This has given me the opportunity to have a significant impact on product development by giving feedback based on my experience with the shoes. Barefoot shoes are an excellent innovation. They have changed my long term training habits by increasing safety and providing new possibilities for training.

In martial arts you usually train barefoot; and for me, the barefoot feeling has been important in cross-training as well. In Taekwon-Do (as in many other martial arts) being able to move and stop quickly are vitally important. Having good ground feel is important as well. The grip and ground feel that Feelmax shoes provide has been suitable on every surface I have tried, and they have made it possible for me to train outdoors as well.

I have used Feelmax shoes at training camps in foreign countries, for running on sandy beaches, on sports turf, and while training in a gymnasium. Over time, Feelmax shoes have also become a part of my leisure. And I use them when refereeing as well. Barefoot training has become a hot research topic recently, and the results are in support of using barefoot shoes. I highly recommend that you take a look at the research if you intend on training seriously. I use Feelmax shoes every week for a wide variety of different sport and leisure activities.

Mikko Allinniemi, 6. Dan, international Taekwon-Do teacher, multi- World Championship and European Championship medalist
When using minimalist Feelmax-footwear I’ve noticed improved body and foot balance. Probably the hip and leg muscles are more ”awake”, as the the hip position adapts more optimal position. Furthermore, the position of the feet has improved during walking, and the ground-feeling has improved as well. What surprised me was that the body and muscles quickly got used to the new information transmitted by the soles of the feet, and my gait changed in few days. No more back pain in the morning, after a long work-day.

Very good, no return back! I recommend to all golfers.

Antti Mäihäniemi, PGA Golf Professional
I’ve been running over 7000 kms with Feelmax Osmas since December 2009. They can be used all-year-around: on snow, on track, on asphalt (if the gait is correct).

The Osmas are also suitable for competitions, I’ve been running few marathons and ultramarathons (like 6 hours and 100 kms competitions). My personal marathon record, 2h51 min. I did with my Osmas.

The shoes are light and they fit well. The correct shape and wide last makes them very comfortable. The sole is very thin, but incredible long-lasting. When running with Feelmaxes, I noticed the gait is shorter and more natural. In my opinion the recovery after a marathon is faster than with normal running shoes.

The “normal” running shoes I used before caused injuries in ankles, but after switching to Osmas, they disappeared in few weeks. When I run again with old shoes, the problems came back.

Jarmo Väänänen, Marathon and ultrarunner
Hi, since long time (since last summer) I wanted to give you some feedback about the Feelmax-shoes I bought. I’ve been using them for running (outdoors and treadmill) and going to walk with the dogs in a rocky forest and on asphalt paths. The shoes give me a feeling of having a new sense! Or even better, walking and running feel just like when I was a child. Now, being almost 50 years I must admit it’s since a long while I felt like that. The shoes are doing very well in protecting against sharp stones/stems/broken glass while the barefoot-feeling is real – the foot muscles are continuously developing, and the ground is felt in a in a completely new way. I practice Pilates, and have noticed a highly improved balance.
Marja Nykänen, Pilates enthusiast
The muscle strength of the foot is extremely important in snowboarding, as body weight is transferred rapidly on the board and the control of the body’s balance is achieved mainly by using the calf and foot muscles.
My summer training program consisted of cross-country running on varied terrains in Feelmax shoes in order to improve balance control and to strengthen the muscles groups in the calves and shins.
It was safer to run in Feelmax shoes than in ordinary trainers as Feelmax shoes prevented twisting of the ankles due to closer contact to the ground in the absence of the thick trainer sole.
When running I use mainly the leather Panka-shoe but in my leisure time I prefer to wear the Lappa-shoe.
Ilkka Eemeli Laari, Snowboard Champion
I have been closely observing my 3-year old son’s walking whilst wearing Feelmax shoes and noticed the following benefits in comparison to ordinary children’s shoes:

1. The most noticeable difference is the free dorsiflexion of the toes which is absent even in the most lightweight trainers. The sole of an ordinary shoe remains inflexed during all stages of the step. I believe that Feelmax shoes help the development of the intrinsic muscles and the proprioception.

2. My son is happy to wear Feelmax shoes especially during summer when there is a strong desire to take shoes and socks off when playing outdoors. These lightweight and flexible shoes do not seem to hinder his activities in the same way as a firm trainer.

3. Without any hesitation I can recommend Feelmax shoes as the first shoes for children. When learning to walk, the sole of the foot gets the same benefits and feelings as barefoot walking or walking indoors without shoes. In addition it has been confirmed that it is unnecessary to correct childhood flat footedness with stiff shoe and ankle supports.

Janne Sahlman LT, Specialist in Orthopedic and Trauma, Kuopio University Hospital, Podiatric Surgery
Feelmax®Toe Sock is also good in ski boots. When the foot does not sweat, it doesn’t get cold as easily either. I had a bad frost bite on my toes when I was younger, and the blood circulation in my toes has always been bad. I have not suffered from freezing feet in Feelmax® toe socks. I believe that the blood circulation is improved now.
Toni Nieminen, Olympic Ski Jumping Gold medalist
I bought Coolmax-toe socks from you a few weeks ago, because I expected them to help my feet that tend to get blisters during long runs. I ran my first Marathon on Saturday, and the feet were fine! Really, not a single blister. So thank you for the great, lovely socks!
Tiina Horttanainen