Less sweat, less blisters and galls

A normal sock presses the toes together, which is not natural. Feelmax toesocks keep the toes separated, just like Mother Nature designed them to be. No more malformations.

Our feet have approximately 250,000 sweat glands. They can release about a cup of moisture a day. The areas most prone to sweating are the zones between the toes. Toesocks drastically reduce sweating of the feet.

As there are no skin-to-skin contact between the toes, the toesocks also reduce blistering and galls. We have developed several yarn compositions for different uses, maximum foot health and comfort.

Use for Toesocks

We have created different models for specific needs:

Cotton all-round toesock. Many colorful options, with or without stripes.

Technical toesock made of synthetic yarn treated with Colloidal silver. This “Aerosilver” treatment significantly reduces bacterial and fungus growth.

Silver Health
Toesock with health properties, which is excellent for delicate skin. The yarn includes small silver nano-particles called X-Silver. These are loose fitting, but supportive toesocks that are especially helpful for Diabetics.

Toesock for cold environments. Reduces sweating, odour and blister formation. Very soft Terry cloth to wick the moisture away from the skin.

For those whose feet sweat excessively. Charcoal fibers absorb smell and moisture.