Feelmax for coaching

Feelmax footwear is the lightest footwear on the market – each shoe weighs less than 100 grams. The shoes fit almost as tightly as a sock, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

The shaping of the human foot and the consequent development of our way of walking took approximately four million years. Over the last few millennia, we have restricted the operation of our feet and departed from our natural way of walking by wearing shoes.

The Finnish company Feelmax Oy has enabled a return to the natural by developing the unique Feelmax shoes – pioneers of a new footwear culture – which simulate walking barefoot.

The purpose of Feelmax footwear is to promote the positive effects of being barefoot on the operation and control of the feet, and consequently the whole body.

When you wear normal footwear

– your upper body is upright
– the supporting limb is straight and ahead of your body when the foot touches the ground
– your heel is the first part of your body to touch the ground
How Feelmax footwear works
The sole of the light Feelmax shoes is manufactured from a high-quality, very thin – approximately 1 mm thick – special fabric called Continental®-Contitec®. The fabric protects the sole of the foot without restricting its movement, which enables natural operation of the foot. Because they conform to the form of the foot in the way a sock does, Feelmax shoes are also comfortable to wear.

Thanks to the extremely thin sole material of the Feelmax footwear, the sense of feeling in the sole of the foot remains as natural as possible. This enables a moving person to sense changes in the surface and shape of the ground easily, and the effects are conveyed through the foot to the other parts of the body. When the changing shapes of the ground can be felt, the foot works in a natural way, which strengthens its supporting structures, especially the muscles and ligaments.

As if one were walking barefoot, with Feelmax footwear the whole sole of the foot is placed on the ground evenly, since the heel is not higher. Therefore, the position of the pelvis and the spine becomes more natural. At the same time, the operation of the toes becomes more efficient. Thus, the benefits of walking barefoot extend to the whole body.
Feelmax footwear is ideal for all who look after themselves: people who remain on their feet for a long time, those who like to be outdoors in their leisure time, growing children, and athletes facilitating their training.
Four tips:

  1. As with any new footwear, training should be started carefully. First wear the Feelmax footwear for a short while at a time, so your feet get accustomed to their new freedom.
  2. The flexible Feelmax footwear fits into a very small space, so you can keep it with you wherever you go. For example, after a roller-skating session it is good to let your feet breathe in your Feelmaxes during warm-down.
  3. Pay attention to the position and operation of your feet when you run and walk with Feelmaxes. Can you spot the difference?
  4. Try Feelmax footwear on different terrains, in training as well as in your leisure time. You will see that, for example a running track, a beach, a field of grass or forest trails, each offer different experiences for your feet.


– your upper body is bent forward slightly
– the supporting limb is directly under your body, slightly bent at the knee
– the whole foot touches the ground more evenly