Feelmax footwear can be used in wide variety of casual activities and sports. We have models which are used by top level athletes, but the majority of our clients use them for outdoor activities, leisure, traveling and work.

For the child’s growing feet it is extremely important to use footwear which guarantees and protects the natural gait and foot movement. The flexibility and design of the shoe that a child wears plays an important role.

Running Trekking All work where one is standing a lot
Walking Gardening Office
Crossfit Boats
Gym Canoeing
Aerobics / Fitness Rantajalkine
Yoga / Pilates

Many top athletes use these shoes for warm-up or cooling down, before or after their training.

The shoes are excellent for traveling because they are so compact and light. They can even be kept in pockets. They are perfect for breaks in motorbike tours, cycling , during flights and for the beach.

Shop Feelmax shoes for healthy feet.